Resource Mobilisation:

In order for local governments to take advantage of the paradigm shift that is making domestic private investment a new source of long term finance for development projects, they will have to achieve a financial condition satisfactory to the potential providers of capital. Essentially, local governments will have to develop a history of generating an annual surplus of revenues over expenditures. This surplus is then available to cover payments to investors that provide new long term financing to the local government. The extent to which potential private investors are able to clearly see that a local government is managing its finances to create a surplus will have a decisive effect on their willingness to make loans to or buy bonds from them. So, not only must the local government manage its finances well, they must be able to presentwell maintained budgeting and accounting records to verify their performance. There are only three ways that a local government can reliably develop a surplus that they can commit to long term debt repayment.
They can increase their “own source revenues” as currently defined.

1. They can reduce their expenditures.
2. They can develop new sources of revenue.
We assist municipalities in developing Alternative Resource Mobilization Strategies (ARMS). We also have a dedicated team that deals with resource mobilization on behalf of municipalities as per appointment.


All African Development Group Pty (Ltd)’s services are:

1. designed to ensure compliance with the requirements of labour relations framework,
2. Informed by current national and international thinking and developments in the fields of employment law, organisational development, and business strategy,
3. Aligned with business strategy and competitive positioning.
African Development Group Pty (Ltd)is strategically positioned as a leading community development centre, training facilitator, human resource and alternative resource facilitator employee in the region and province.

We succeed by focussing on the following four core strengths!


Through a combined approach of providing high level strategic services and developing generic products, African Development Group Pty (Ltd) caters for different segments of the market. The global trend to outsource much of the capacity building, SMME Development, human resource and training functions is driven by the introduction of technological solutions for traditional core of the in-house human resource and training function- employee administration.

By narrowing its focus to high value strategic human resource and training consulting, African Development Group Pty (Ltd) is able to create partnerships with senior management to develop and manage their human capital to support business objectives.


African Development Group Pty (Ltd)staff is highly motivated and very experienced. A dedication to cross- cutting, multi-disciplinary teams, combined with a very low professional turnover, ensures that clients can tap into the collective strength of our company rather than rely solely on the individual consultant they deal with.


We are in the forefront when it comes to the development of mentoring programmes, alternative resource mobilisation facilitation, and project implementation integrated human resource management of CBO’s, NGO’s, training and employee relations services. Owing to the unique combination of specialised expertise and cross-cutting project management capability, clients can expect that African Development Group Pty (Ltd)services, whether in the collective or individual spheres of the world of work, are integrated to ensure individual performance within a collective context.


“Process” is a core aspect of all our work and is seen by our clients as competitive advantage. We believe that the use of a consensus- based methodology is both principled and functional. Finding the “right answer” is often easier than managing the conflict and complexities that such answers may generate. Therefore, through preparation and stakeholder buy-in at initial stages is more than justified when it enables fast and effective implementation. Our approach aligns and priorities achievable objectives. To achieve these outcomes we design and manage processes that are collaborative in nature and rely on a bona fide commitment from senior leadership in a client to achieve stakeholder consensus, as well as the combination of trust and impartial process skills that we bring to bear.