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1. Understand school management and leadership in the South African context
2. Develop a portfolio to demonstrate school management and leadership competence
3. Lead and manage people
4. Manage organizational systems and physical and financial resources
5. Manage policy, planning, school development and governance
6. Manage teaching and learning
7. Demonstrate basic computer literacy in school management
8. Demonstrate effective language skills in school management and leadership
9. Conduct outcomes-based assessment
10. Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments
11. Lead and manage a subject/learning area/phase
12. Mentor school managers and manage mentoring programmes in schools


1. Roles and Responsibilities of SGB
2. School Development Planning
3. School Policies
4. Financial Management
5. Management of Physical Resources
6. Team building
7. Drawing up a Code of Conduct for Learners
8. Conflict Management
9. Communication & Interpersonal Skills
10. Creating effective
11. Home School Partnerships
12. Making Schools Centres of Community Life


1. Leadership Skills
2. Communication & Interpersonal Skills
3. Mentoring and Coaching
4. Counselling Skills
5. Conflict Management
6. Team building


1. Perform one-to-one training on the job
2. Assist and support learners to manage their learning experience
3. Guide learners about their learning assessment and recognition of opportunities


1. Plan a learning event
2. Facilitate learning using a variety of methodologies
3. Evaluate a learning programme
4. Understand the Occupational Development
5. ECD Site Management Capacity Building

2nd Citizenship Programs Image


1. Organisational Development and Transformational Leadership
2. Understanding Leadership and Management in the South African Context
3. Creating and Managing a Learning Organisation
4. Managing Change for Organisational Development
5. Leadership for Organisational Culture and Development
6. Managing HIV and Aids in the Workplace
7. Improving Service Delivery and Professional Ethics
8. Strategic Planning and Management
9. Human Resource Development and Management
10. Team Building and Problem Solving
11. Developing Communication Skills
12. Developing Interpersonal Skills and Customer Relations
13. Time Management
14. Stress Management
15. Management of Diversity
16. Conflict Management
17. Understanding Policy and Legislation Framework
18. Mentoring and Coaching
19. Managers as Mentors
20. Performance Management Systems
21. Presentation Skills
22. Report Writing
23. Project Management
24. Monitoring
25. Project Administration
26. Benchmarking
27. Project Scoping, Business Planning and Project Implementation for CBO’s and Cooperatives.
28. Mentoring and Coaching of SMME’s, CBO’s and NGO’s
29. Enterprise productivity and competitiveness
30. Small and micro enterprise productivity capabilities
31. Drafting of Business Plans
32. Training of Youth & Vulnerable Groups, School Governing Bodies, etc.
33. Workshops on: HIV/AIDS,
34. Youth Development,
35. Team Building,
36. Training programmes/workshops on:
36.1 Establishing a better working environment between councillors, officials and communities,
36.2 Labour relations,
36.3 Conflict resolutions,
36.4 Role and Responsibilities of Municipal Officials and Councillors
36.5 Municipal Finance and Administration,
36.6 Contribution of councillors to financially sound local government etc.